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Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 4:16 pm
by Meno_
There may also be a hidden leitmotif, the role of the entertainer, the self indulged bofoon, indicating not the ascendancy of the executive branch, but it's very opposite.

that may be the program of what those to whom he is indebted forces on him in lieu of what can happen to gamblers who miss debt payments to their holders.

Why should an old man who prefers golf take on a job which even a half wit can figure out to be just that? A figure of strength outside , but following a well rehearsed script in the inside.

This may be an other take , with other factors thrown into the mix.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 4:33 pm
by Meno_
Not really saying one way or another, and not excluding historical ignorance of vast proportions , of interpretations upon interpretations, the will can not be based on any thing bit on the power to survive, and Darwin himself pointed out, that only the strong survive in this game of life.

People in any system of governance will decry the duplicity of being envious of power, and life itself shows this natural tendency.

Marx pointed to reward each according to his ability, and there is nothing wrong with that, then implicit idealism however, conflicts with human nature. Does that imply that idealism in formal education is set on unfair pedestals?

We are at a.crossroads , where nature herself, may have a higher ground to trend toward, and declaring nature wrong is definitely a misnomer.

The transvaluation of morality is just being able to understand its opposing forces as primordial , to be understood, One has to understand, not merely on a perceptive level, then and only then will true realization and equalization come about.

This is at the base of the trumpian dilemma, its severity in this eclipsing time of the dawn of aquarious, when the the imperceptible gate through which the needle in the haystack has to go through, is coming with impending urgency.

The quantum life has no less requirement into this absolute, to close the circle of public deception.

It contains an absolute necessity at its core.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2018 8:17 pm
by Meno_
Now that may well, be ,HOWEVER, the inflationary effects on economy of the triad: personality qua; dogmatic ideology, , inflationary uncontrolled regulation, as pressing upon the decompressing affect on the pursuit of happiness, again qua on ( diminishing returns -in terms of both real and Freudian economy. ) the process of internationalism; can not sustain the equal parallel between fidelity and trust of a union.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 9:06 pm
by Meno_
Walk in the park. Birds chirping.A slight breeze.Mountain top.
Hollywood Hills.

Stars' homes strewn over the downhill terrain, strewn across a wide scale , reflecting hazy desert like visions vapor fixing from the black asphalt.

It is here decades ago made commitment to reveal the immediacy of time and now reluctant to admit a revelation of self realization but eye opened to potentionality.

Hermit means - remete just found it - in Hungarian, and I had it for a while but lost again this necessary congruence. I won't look to Google translator, those shortcuts weaken the structural coherency of the brain, so I will wait until it comes back.

Hermetically sealed into the times when an obvious association appears, Herman's Hermits comes alive strengthen the bond with Proust.

Now for the eyes, the transparent/invisible a man walking up a hill, ghost like, Cantor's insanity, universals, -the one and the many.

Nietzsche was on a poetic flight as well, similarly lost it, and iwith determination not to, as well, with Karen horney's help, and Rudolf Steiner's self initiation.into the obscure.

On a rush, or by an onrush of mania yo remember this momentous fairly often repeated track, Siddharta appearing and vaning mortified of loosing that which is the immutable one for whom all these theatrics are played out, over and over again, the will of understanding having long ago for fries its right to rationality, now, seeks refuge in the mysterious and the veiled.

The seminal taste of the knowledge of love can be transcended, and it does not leave a bitter taste of vanity , on the contrary, it negates the simulated satisfaction that goes with repeated acts of love, instead, the soul of the other opens up.

Taking this venue after the exasperated attempts to analyze Trumpism, not giving up on the notion, but breaking away from the slime, with which political machines try to rid themself of residual lubrication.

The one and the only one , for which heaven and earth open their very kind gates to those that absolutely seek it , remains no mystery, and the living words do somehow magically come alive. That one, is shrouded in the team's of recording intelligibility, dusty covers , their gold bindings remain eternally in very far away hidden libraries, relics of a very long ago, far far away time , which can come alive immediately, but only to the self initiated. No one can be initiated, even by a crowlyian metaphoric flight, no one can seduce Him, who finds the referentiality of the world upon him an impossible secret garden to trek to.

This is why the transcendental should be elevated, even if, that lends itself to an absolute regression.

The 'should' should overcome the 'is', but on what ground?

I have a pet turtle who I feed before having a bite to it, because she likes to perch on top of a brick I placed for her .
The ought is for be able to see her gynologocal depth of the turtles beneath her infinitely. Ice been trying to maker friends with her unsuccessfully for the almost 20 years I have her but feel I'm making inroads.of three babies she survived, of the other two; one escaped , I found her shell years later, the third has his penis bitten off by one of the competing females
The strong female was the most unsociable, the others eagerly surfaced at feeding time

Actually the one becomes one, in terms is self knowledge, through a practice, in most cases, revealing this urgency early in life. This urgency of realizing both: the fear associated with early termination as an instulimxtual awareness of qiantatime,coupled with determination to somehow go into denial mode, through the Heglelian method of reasoning a third way, so anti art in a pinnacle wherein there is no more travail.

This mode categorizes the route step by step, the length of which is assumably of infinite duration. This exasperated the difference modernity has injected into this kind of perception, causing a conflict between awareness and thought. The result caused short circuits of unfathomable proportions, and it is to this new cave that Nietzsche is signaling to.

Realization actually can reverse this process, by practice, never really getting to absolute zero, but in rarer cases, the short circuit actually can short circuit IT's self, by a constant reversal and de-differentiation.

What throws some people is the inability to differentiate a secondary de-differentiation from a primary one, in fact, there is a world of difference.

Kant trudged the same hillside through his life , never having notably travel anywhere outside his home town. Kierkegaard also tries to make his bride to be love him. There is a connection between any two things, or beings, and the person who can stand this relevance, may develop the strength of will to sustain empathy for the world, and not sink into Welt Schmertze.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 9:32 pm
by Meno_
Down in the valley: oh its all about the oil. The Iranian backtrack, that is , with Bolton at the helm, who was responsible for the Iraqi invasion, as well.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2018 10:14 pm
by Meno_
Trump, how opinions change almost overnight. His upcoming meeting with Kim, some pundits claiming he may be eligible eligible for the Nobel Prize, by virtue of succeeding in bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula, and if that were the case, how mitigated would become the whole witchunt?

The pressure of the Iranian solution depends on the outcome of what. will take place in Singapore, in a few weeks.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 2:32 am
by Meno_
The eye of the storm has recessed for the time. If this is where we are, then the quiet before a storm should be somewhat an ambiguity, for less then this have heads rolling
What is happening?

The stakes have been raised to an unprecedent level, where the winds higher up have put small scale hurricanes on hold.

As such, a lets wait and see attitude has settled any impending hurry to rush to judgement. Everything will be forgiven if things come out favorably.
Reversals are in the air, and reversals only change the polarity not the truth value of any belief. All eyes on international reactions and the internal dissention has become a quiet center of a whirlpool of a humongous storm. The athmospheric political pressures must be enormous and the stakes incalculable.

AND, you can be darned sure, that the KIM meeting will be an astounding success. guaranteed by the payout of irresistibly huge payouts to guarantee both:Lasting Peace in the Middle
East, and the Nobel.

This is not a negative opinion, or an appeasing overture on part of the pro-Israel Lobby, but an approach to an agreement , where not only all men can live in peace, but that they can at least live to see another and preferably a better day.

It will overcome all liberal doubt, as to the idea that only a reversal of motives vs. results make any sense in the world today.

This is why the profundity between the reversibility between fake and factual opinion, settles a heavy weight.

Sunday, may 13

Things looking good for Mr. Trump.

The anger of bipartisan ill will on part of the Democrats, seem to be not vested in political clarity but on the jealousy over power sharing between parties.

And that reduces to individual animosties, not favorable to the concept of union, again originating on more bi-partie affinities then differences. Therefore its a matter of jobs and the lack of. Trump may be right on that, and everybody knows what happens to a true liberal: they get shot. There are no people out there who are willing to go there, even at this critical time.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 5:15 pm
by Meno_
Mendacity, and the mundane.

Its been pointed out that the emergence of TRUMPISM, resulted in a con fusion, literally un-synthetically merging fact and fiction, resulting in the bracketing of an existential meltdown, rather then a schematically built up redefinition by public fiat

That no one can disentangle meaning from usage is proof positive of the re-engagement of the clever employment of the basic fumctions associated with sophistry.

That post modernism and post modern society can be taken aback with this ancient form of rhetorical device, is proof positive of the con fusion of meaning and usage, and the apparent destructural effect o and by a nihilistic void.

How lately does nihilism come home to roost , against all hitherto effects that positivism was expected to pre form!

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:16 pm
by Meno_
Oh, Bolton, oh Bolton: this hawkish person, has changed everything. The North Vietnamese have. become very keen on receiving the impression of actual duplicity, and probably think that even a subtle hint that they were instrumental in Trump's loss of face, they are turning around the fabric of social opinion and strategy.

While this is what Kim may be thinking, Trump in denial is stuffing this off as another ineptitude on part of NK.

The only conclusion which can be drawn are cross purposes caused by crossed information, and that , pointing to misunderstanding on a very basic level , again do to actual collateralized failure to separate fake and factual news.

Since there is no diplomatic direct access of either party, as a fulcrum which can normalize perceptions, all action and motivation is based on eztremely varied and unstable no-lateral perceptions.

Here, to assess, which party is more deceptive, disallows any fine tuned realization of both: intentions and expectations of the firhcoming meeting, the content of which has come down to projections, more apt to swing toward publicity for internal consumption.

Who will loose or gain face, in this time of potentially catastrophic struggle?

This is a faux trial of appeasing the doves, as much as fueling those, whose only concern is strategically enumerated gains through the most prominent of corporations, the size of which still dwarfs any other country, the procurement industry of military supplies.

The meta psychological stage play by two political amateurs is mere diversion.

Problem is: those who see through the rhetoric, get hurt in many ways, by intrusion into their psyche of the rude intrusion of this following atmosphere of deception. It is not entirely one of a demotion to the social psyche, as much it is becoming an unaesthetic garbage.

Who dare call it a conspiracy?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:44 pm
by Meno_
OR, is this game , of strategy a necessary duplicitous backwash into a projected and fixed -Ideologically- (Valery) speaking , maneuver, to sustain a supremacy , where, a sudden decline of a super-power, could potentially create a far worse scenario?

Either-or, the short term appears turbulent, but could sustain a more favorable scenario, then the Obama scenario of slow disintegration.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 4:39 pm
by Meno_
I spy you spy remember the bloomberry cartoon? Waiting for it every Sunday , hiding my face from you know who, well you don't and I will keep you guessing all you eager trump fans . Ready for the latest revelation?

Convinced now that persona covers the jist of this whole GOP project to amuse those disheveled and perturbed among us who may be lack of food, homeless sleeping in their cars, who can still trudge into their local Starbucks , find a new York Times and say to themselveslf upon headlining it, that my life is no worries if trumpman's travails ring kind of true , beginning with upcoming meeting with little rocket man for starters.

No life is good, and his can't be much better.
The latest comes from some spin doctor who claims that it was then FBI director Comey, who started the whole collusion thing, by infiltrating the Trump election committee, and started to try to get some goods on them. Well as to story goes, the only fault with this theory, is that the operation of any effort to influence elections depends on making public any disclosure which would adversely affect balance.

This theory fails because how could an election be rigged without public knowledge about it? And isn't it proper for an investigation to internally find any suspected foul play? This is kind of elementary, again reinforces the notion of the use of irony; that he may be playing kindergarten cop. In order to elicit laughs?

I always thought that the apprentice was down deep an effort for comic appeal, that the execs did not think so shows from a failure to deliver an Emmy, and it may turn out , there wlll be a repeat performance with the proposed Nobel Prize. but heck, surprises are the order of these days.?

Re cross hairs and cross purposes

PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2018 5:27 pm
by Meno_
Its beginning to look like the purposes of political agenda have ceased to occupy a moderate center stage arena, it has been replaced by a more finely tuned weapon through which the accelerating need for clarity of a cross haired battle field.

An omniious atmosphere of a crises of constitutional dimensions , latently emerges, as an analogy of Titanic submerged iceberg , every one is becoming at once puzzles over.

How can such duplicity sustain its ferocious social philosophical staying power? How can the public policy defy
long held equilibrium between checks and balances finally convince those, who's primary beliefs himged on exact definitions of right and wrong? Will even the power of the Supreme Court, as politically biased as it is, be able to decide the issue?

Is the power of the will to power become finally the terrain of results sought by higher technological intelligences, whose motive depend on survival factors rather then on issues relating to truth or falsity?

Has humanity reached the critical answer to Descartes" Evil Genius, where Democracy' s final demarcation is demeaned to the existential problem of all time: To be, or not to be, that is the question? With that decision, the highest power can only oblige to answer, and that becoming more perilous in this age of godlessness.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 7:43 am
by Meno_
Is it conceivable that the upcoming bi annual congressional elections will settle this pre binary fusion of doubt over the installation of an antithesis over whay side the origins of corruption finally settles its mettle?

If any side wins this infamous designation, or one side spins off another, will a new political will explicitly 're-elevate the ideals upon which the wholetipn world depended on since the catachlisms of the last two world wars? Or, will a military solution throw the whole mess into a vastly more terrible third?

With Bolton at the ideological helm, and vanishing hopes for a Trump-Kim summit, brings to mind the awful scepter of wag the dog.

'Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their party'- Patrick Henry

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:43 am
by Meno_

This is a huge diversion to toss up the only painful sliver of ideological Marxism against



A huge geopolitical remains of the power struggle . between

david & GOLIATH.

The Antichrist

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:54 am
by Meno_
This possibility may be averted, and the only possible escape is through the intercession of something greater. So great in fact , that when IT comes, most everyone will miss the sign.

The Seventh Seal.
It is said, that only the Bishop of Rome , of the Holy See knows..

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 8:59 am
by Meno_
For it has been said that they do not know what they are doing.. but it's tempered by the knowledge of the chorus of good people who can not be wrong, nor be deceived.

They mistake love for Weakness.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 9:04 am
by Meno_
I wrote the above tonight, amid confusing visions, almost deafening roar of unearthly power, and as strange they are, it came through some kind of ethereal medium. Upon reading them, I was tempted to erase them, but let it stand, as this tragic-comedy unfolds.

Half of me disbelieves it, and perhaps it only serves as some kind of catharsis-chimera. I wish I could totally believe it.

Re: Los Angeles Times opinion

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:41 pm
by Meno_
I think it is worth while to enclose this article relating to the ongoing travails of the political dimensions : written by a columnist in the opinion section : in full.

The Trump presidency is often a kind of political 'Rashomon', with Partisans on either side looking at the same facts and coming to different conclusions.

So it is all the more remarkable that the central controversy of our time isn't a fight over one story with different interpretations of shared facts, but a fight over two different stories altogether.

For devotees of prime time Fox News, the only story that matters is how the Deep State -i.e.partisans in non partisan disguise: the CIA and the DOJ -worked to either destroy Donald Trump or anoint Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. According to this group, the allegations of collusion between Trump and Putin is merely a frivolous conspiracy theory , and Robert Mueller's investigation is both a witchunt and a distraction from this "worse then Watergate " scandal.

For viewers of prime-time MSNBC and CNN, this Deep State. stuff, is the real bogus conspiracy theory, intended to muddy the waters from the actual "worse then Watergate" scandal , which is the Trump-Putin collusion and the president attempts to obstruct any inquiry into it.

The two narratives are like a binary star system , each body circling the other, throwing off so much blinding light and heat that it becomes difficult to distinguish them.Their combined gravitational. pull bends everything in their direction.

The problem is, that both stories could be true.No, the cartoon versions offered by the usual suspects on the left and right are not entirely accurate..But both stories have some truth to them.

It certainly does seem that the Department of Justice was simply going through the motions of investigation of Hilary Clinton and her off book server and email system.

Andrew McCarthy , a former federal prosecutor has meticulously and persuasively argued that the Obama administration was never interested in taking the Clinton Investigation. all that seriously because it would have implicated President Obama possibly derailed or damaged 2016's presumptive Democratic winner
(Which is ironic , because if the Deep State benefited anyone in 2016, it was Clinton , not Trump)

Meanwhile , the argumemt that President Trump secretly colluded with the Russians Russians to help Clinton has more plausibility than those shouting 'conspiracy theory- are willing to entertain.

I still don't think that Trump hatched am explicit scheme to work with the Russians, but the hardest thing to prove in most conspiracy theories is intent

Conspiracy theoriea reverse-engineer facts to construct imagined motives.this is what William Buckley meant when he scorned the John Birch Society's tendency to infer subjective intention from objective consequences.

The 9/1 "truthers' looked at the rubble , asked "cui bono?" - to who benefits'- and concluded that George Bush most be the real villain

Other than Trump's public pleading with Russia , to find Clinton's missing emails, which he says was a joke, and his open praise of Russia's front group Wiki Leaks, there is little evidence that he had a more sinister alliance with Putin.

But it does seem clear that the Trump campaign was eager to collude with Russia.

The meeting at Trump Tower between a Russian emissary and the campaign's key leadership Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manaford, was convenient for that reason
George Papaddopoulos, campaign advisor was sent by Sam Clovis , specifically to get political dirt on Clinton
It seemed at times that Roger Stone was Wiki Leaks operative inside Trump World

These and related facts form the gravitational bind between these two stars. In the New York Times telling of the story and from the perspective of the officials who leak to that paper, the investigations into the Trump campaign were a necessary and good faith effort to discern whether a foreign power had infiltrated the Trump campaign

For those who subscribe to a Hannitized version of reality , this was a lawless extension. of the Deep State's plot to thwart Trump and.protect Clinton.

It is at this nexus where the Rashomonosm of our age intrudes. I have no idea what the truth seekers Mueller, DOJ Inspector General Horowitz will find.
But I suspect we'll discover that everybody has some dismaying facts on their own side
, and the verdict will be a strong shade of gray.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 1:09 am
by Meno_
The above article does not take into consideration other alleged violations such as the irregularity with the conflict of interest of government and business, and others, and may make more of a saturated grey on that side.

Saturation of color toward black and white, may have bearing here, a new philosophical forum on rare conditions of a transformation between different modalities of perception. That too, may have relevance here., since Trump would like to re-invent a newer version of an earlier version of the United States.

The flushing out of corruption where Trump's success has shady, underworld connections, whereby his ill managed of investments landed him into big time trouble in said underworld, culminating in the now famous violation of the amolment t clause, with What at being the key, where his son in law's failure to secure a. Billion dollar loan to salvage the now equally famous 666 Park ave. Property, is already past history..

If the buck stops here, it would be all right. But it doesent, and a complex web is being constructed under all this.

The fact is , looking at Trump's recent announcement that the Kim meeting may not, after all take place, and with Bolton at the helm, a conclusion can be drawn that they actually want a showdown.

As truths of capitalistic ego mania are filtering in, and I don't mean in the sublime, elegant repressive sense, but the appalling facade of overt anger-madness of greed which is unprecedent ed, the bottom line beyond like a steamy cauldron of the most pitiful drenched underbelly of the most heinous monstrous deception: -by which everyone, is forewarned to suffer: The real end times, is coming: with the sooner better realization first seriously voiced by Jimmy Carter, that even this huge planet earth of hours has limits.

Limits of endurance, of natural assets, of natural survival mode tenacity, etc. And pulling plugs out of the Kyoto agreement is like signing off of any wish for mass survival of humanity per we.

The bottom, the very bottom in this possible genetic cataclysm is anew, another selective membership into survivability, with those in charge of membership qualification deter mining them.

The fortunate few, and I'm not to consider the well meaning but feable minded old money, but the rash inconsiderate and tasteless ill informed, or the malevolent Nuevo Riche, with nuclear shelters with all amenities, they want purification, cleaner air and the re-introduction of greed populations with more quality.

This was behind , at first, putting Quatar into a a very unfavorable policy . After they gouged up the dough, the policy was relaxed..

The big question is will nature herself, which IN FACT we did not invent, intercede, before the bombastic bofoons, who created the Frankenstein, start to worry about their own demise?

Kim does not belong to this exclusive club, he is after all the reincarnation of those legions invading sacred Rome, too tired and we'll fed to see the coming calamity, and then the soothsayers will not be around to remind them of their unending folly. This is a renewed motif of a past well scripted human tragic-comedy.

If, the commandments are not met and kept, we as human beings will be destroyed destroyed, especially that relating to do not sell out your. brother, lest you be sold into eternal slavery. Slavery is not an indigenous inheritance, it is an overall product of scheming scheming and manipulation to durther ego-mania.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 3:27 pm
by Meno_
Now Mueller is the target of the chief executive. and it seems incredible that the tidal wave of political outrage has settled into the foam of political tolerance.

What means this other then it simply where the swings are more and more comfortable with the pragmatic idea , that the liberals are wrong on supposing that most principles called democratic are not carved into granite. They are as malleable by politicians , as the by the early founding fathers' who never saw emancipation coming, based on definite ideas of rights relating to all men.

So extend that principle into a general direction, one gets the idea that the Constitution is mainly a pragmatic device , and even the checks and balances are not resistant to changing evaluative transitions of value. Pundits waiting for a Constitutional crises by a forth coming repetition of special prosecutor, like Nixon's firing of Archibald Cox, may not see that day coming.

The issue of the vaning of Democracy, replaced by a technocratic imperialism, merely toys with semantic manipulations of very impressionable constituents, to save Das Capital at this vantage point .

And isn't this what Satanism is all about in its broadest sense, the decompression of opposites, of the value of material over the ideal/immaterial coming home to roost, where the worship of money coming from the pulpits of criminal types umabaaanly resuming their PTLA, Baker type ministries? Here money and luxury signaled some kind of eclipse of values , a severe tramsvaluation. Taking place, very cunningly. no wars or any kind of overt action, some very faint rumblings along the way, ghetto uprisings and Black Panthers easily overcome militarism, no , Bastion America finally as the imperium of Anglo Saxon world dominance, the sacrescent dominance of of Satan over God.
Oh they're not visible but innocuous in effects of greed, demolition of social structure by depressing underclass values and the imvestment of value off shore to hide criminal profit.

This has been going on all along, but the first time globally, beyond even that of the former imperium of the British Empire..

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 5:40 pm
by Meno_
Now for an axiomatic devolutionary trait which has come up: The logical destruction of of meaning had returned now to the dual aspect generalization n of choices, so that contradictory messages regarding truth van either be acceptedor rejected.

Since the earliest day of modern tramsvaluation , this trend has been fading out.

Therefore what else remains of a search for coherency?

The acceptance of. Contradiction elevated to the Throne of mystical union.

Very dangerous stuff, if it doesent work, heads will be rolling, which can not led to the idea. that there is a huge guarantor to this gamble: my best guess: the insurers behind it, the international society of the Club of Rome, the military industrial complex, NSA.

The Trump dilemma can be captioned as : He is expandable.
Except may be he is not smart enough to realize this, hold ing to the only other conceivable theory, that he is indebted to Deutsche Bank to his teeth

The question in that case could be , is he able to swallow all that he chewed?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 9:02 pm
by Meno_
The answer to that is a cautious yes. Opinion polls, the dubious claims and counter claims by each side, and the rising impression that Both sides are culpable, appear to balance out each other.

If finally he is able to distance himself from singular claims that he is the beneficial cause to all successive Triumphs of hi is own making, then that eccentricity may by now been digested and factored in, with the title governance style.

If he pulls off the dunnit with Kim, his political capital may overcome any outcome the mid term elections may bring about., and a constitutional crisis may be averted. How different the political atmosphere from the time of Watergate!

Re: Rosanne Barr riding on pigtails

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 1:10 am
by Meno_
Now that Trump elevated. Barr to near political savy roles, the acting communities newly found high ground role, we are seeing a different lady. She is far from overweight then in Rosanne and far more intelligent looking than in Wives with knives, wjixj presumably was canceled as well.

Although political bedfellows are not hard to find Out nowadays, careers are manufactured on basis of emotional catharsis , as never before. Its ok, as long as, the tears and the laughter are a necessary part of political la vivre

Be as it may Trump has made a bully pulpit as viable as the next greatest star- the pope, to counteract the hysteria. But where is an ecciclical to bring all this down to reality?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:33 pm
by Meno_
Trumps last laughs: will desperate acts follow or present scenarios before the much talked about meeting with Kim?

The tounge wagging in the US Capitol, is wide open with various conspiracies, theories whether Trump can or can't pardon himself of he doesn't fire special prosecutor Mueller, and the plot thickens, making the international concerns a sandwich between internal political tightening grips, or, the other way, of clamping down on international domination , by a reassertion of U.S. power , defying pundits that proclaim the end of American. dominance and searching global alternatives.

There are so many things going on, that the whirling top that Tumpism has become , moves around in dizzying speed, and affrontary has lost its negative connotation.

He has been compared of late to George III, as he dealt with the early revolutionaries.

In fact if things turn out smoothly, are Imperial designs in the works?

Re: Trump riding on Rosanne Barr's coat tails.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:57 am
by Meno_
And having been a longtime fan, it may be more fitting to reverse the roles and consider Trump riding on Someone's coat tails.

Indeed the trial has just begun.

This is the toughest trial of.all, and the powers to be : power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Lord Acton