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Re: 666

Postby Pneumatic-Coma » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:41 am

MagsJ wrote:A response to your post coming soon, Serendipper..

Maybe he was afraid of getting converted too.
(Our object of desire isn't to change current belief systems or complicate already convoluted streams of information; we're not trying to even prove ourselves in anyway. We're just human beings similar to yourself. Not superior, the same. Ancestors of the lost world. The conflicts of beliefs you face in your world, are not only the conflict of self yet life, we cannot compel such conflicts to other's will for any self-benefit. The true goal reached here is there is nothing we can say nor do that can convince anyone else of what they don't know for themselves already. And, when the time calls, and you are ready, the barriers of awareness will expand and such confirmed information will be easily perceived, and known to them! Allow them to seek and find out when they are prepared. All will arrive to light in no time.) Ego sum via veritas et vita;Amesha Spenta;Vohu Mano; Allow all things measurable, microbial and astronomical to remain infinite, unchanged and arrive to light.
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Re: 666

Postby MagsJ » Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:27 am

Pneumatic-Coma wrote:
MagsJ wrote:A response to your post coming soon, Serendipper..

Maybe he was afraid of getting converted too.

The draft for my reply is still in my drafts folder, from way back then.. January the 3rd, but Serendipper left the ILP building.. along with a few others, for Philosophy-pastures new.

If I reply, perhaps he will come (back).

An aversion to conversion. perhaps. Shall we test that out? :D

Did the approaching of Halloween draw you back to this thread? That chapter in the bible on the meaning behind 666 sent chills down our spines, when we read it at school.. to declare that it should only ever be read once, so never to be read again.. perhaps my mind doesn’t want to revisit that moment/go back there. :shock:
The possibility of anything we can imagine existing is endless and infinite

I haven't got the time to spend the time reading something that is telling me nothing, as I will never be able to get back that time, and I may need it for something at some point in time. Wait! What?

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