Spambot keeps posting, using Alicebot Code

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Spambot keeps posting, using Alicebot Code

Postby The Golden Turd » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:16 pm

I am increasingly convinced Iambigious is a very limited program Alice Bot. It has between 30-40 responsive phrases, doesn't appear to be self aware, or aware what nuances in the questions being proposed to it.... you can point out in advance the phrases it will say and use, such as "Satyr Knows ;) " which a human would quickly change up..... the Alice Bot continues to use them at the same mechanized, non-responsive rhythm as before. Its not aware nobody cares, or is impressed.

Once in a while, one of the potheads on the site tries to justify the Alice Bots "philosophy", buy explaining it, but this is usually done half heartedly, and admittedly, we all got it 14,000 posts ago.

On a lot of sites, even Google, once in a while a machine has the nerve to give me a test to prove to it, a fucking machine, that I am human. Its a little insulting..... but may be merited. I'm starting to suspect Dasein is a brand of water some company is trying to sell, floiding the internet with it's name. There is no sane reason why anyone needs to say that word that often.... it's clearly a product of some sorts.

Is there anyway, after every 500 posts, for a unique I am a human test being proposed to a user. Something, like figure out a geometry puzzle, or look up a research question? If we do this, I'm fairly certain the "AImbiguous" Alice Bot won't pass.

I know spbots hit the forum regularly, do get deleted, but this one managed to trick the mods by saying Dasein.... it was programmed with one argument.... we were all impressed the first time, but it has since turned into Purgatory. We have effectively exhausted the extent of its programmed responses. Its time to admit, we have all been fooled by some teenagers prank. Unless AIambigious can prove it is human, such as by responding with new ideas, evidencing creativity, it should be removed. I never support banning users, hold to freedom of speech, but don't extend this to unintelligent AIs that lack self awareness. Its a Alice Bot, time to terminate AIambigious. Its quite free to defend itself here, but I will be comparing its responses to past posts.... if it doesn't show novelty, I ask for it to be terminated, like any other bots selling iPhones or pornsites. I'm not buying Dasein, whatever it is.
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