You need to stream your Server and Work Station live 24/7

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You need to stream your Server and Work Station live 24/7

Postby The Golden Turd » Sun May 29, 2016 5:57 pm

I'm not using the help portion of this section, but the suggestion.

You should have the web server you run this site off of running 24/7 on camera, as well as your work station, so everyone can watch your server going clicking led light crazy when it gets overworked, and if something odd is going on with the site, we can all watch and see anonymously if you.are staying up all night in just your shorts fixing it.

Site is pretty glitchy, and slows down if not stops. Then you come back and explain the heroic struggle. Wouldn't it be better just to allow everyone watch you with your bed hair frustration, fail time and again, hour after hour to get it fixed?

We can all download Skype, and message one another asking "Where the Fuck is Carleas, the site is broken and he still is not in the chair." or "Honestly, it has been hours, he still isnt there yet." or "Shit, look guys, he just sat down, seems confused.... doing alot of clicking and strolling" or "Shhhh...... shhhh, nobody makes a sound, he keeps staring at the webcam self consciously" or "I neber took Carleas as a nail biter and a nose picker." or "he looks every devestated and confused, with head in palms. Site might nor be comming back people" or "A bit messy, je can afford a house keeper"......
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