Change Is_Yde_opN's Title (suggestion)

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Change Is_Yde_opN's Title (suggestion)

Postby The Golden Turd » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:23 am

chief diversity and inclusion officer

I saw that shit on C-Span a little while ago, a bunch of feminists were blabbing on the TV at McDonalds, and one of the women had that as her job title. A old lady near me was watching, because I was narrating it (was muted without captions), and noted she sure had a lot of badges on her shit! True.... lots of feel good, silly pin bagdes on her shirt.

Issy is the most racist piece of shit on this forum. He likely takes that as a compliment, not meant as one, but he wears that with pride. I sincerely think it would be funny in a very fucked up way if we just make him the forum's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Would cause a good bit of disorientation and perplexity for anyone first reading his posts, looking up at his title, then back at his posts, then back to the title. FTW!? is the only way one could reply. If Issy is gonna post on the forums, we should at least make it funny.

Only do this if he agrees to this, I think he would if he considers the implications. Fucked up he is such a bad racist, but if we are going to have him, dress him up so he is presentable to guests.
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