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on this date

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:53 pm
by Peter Kropotkin
perhaps we should call this day, "Philosopher's day"

in 1844 Friedrich Nietzsche was born and on this day in 1926
Michel Foucault was also born...…

we cannot describe 20th century philosophy without referencing
those two men....

in my youth, as all youth should be, I was a good Nietzschean….

I believed with the fervor of all good believers that I and I alone was
the "ubermensch" and the crowd, the crowd were all sheep...…

and I and I alone knew the "truth" about everything....ah,
the certainty of youth.. where everything was black and white,
good and evil...…

I alone knew the secrets of the gods and thus, I became a god.....

what I couldn't understand was why didn't everyone bow down to my
obvious superiority.... it was a mystery to me... and perhaps, perhaps
not so much of a mystery today.....

as for Foucault, he didn't influence me the way Nietzsche did..
I read a few of Foucault book's but they didn't rock my world
as Nietzsche did....

I find it interesting that Foucault died from a "modern" disease, AIDS,
not from cancer or any sort of "bourgeoisie" cause of death....

anyway... Happy Philosopher's day to you....


Re: on this date

PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:54 am
by Exuberant Teleportation
Zarathustra entails galaxy wide ambitions to master the soul, and dance in union with originality and artistry. To unmask the luminous, and grasp the great cosmic wheel that ever ascends on the bridge to the superman is a precipice that teleports the ascended to an exalted station. All of the elements are inside of us, the workmanship of fables, so we can participate in the great saga of life by saying yes to all of her challenges, and with the will to power, the whole leap year of revolution unfolds. The scents, gifts, and luscious treasuries of earth are also wonders of the Zarathustrian experience.