a key question within human existence

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a key question within human existence

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Thu May 26, 2022 7:06 pm

one of key factors in today's human existence, is the
removal of human beings to interact with the world around them..
by that I mean to say, we human beings have no impact, no influence
on the matters that mean something to us... we have no possibility
to change or impact the messages, the story, in either
changing policy in either the political or the economic relm...

I don't have and you don't have any ability to impact the political
issues of our day, we are told by the government, by the parties,
by the media, by the culture, what we need to hold of value...
and we have no impact on the economic matters before, I have no
control over my own economic status...I can't even retire unless it
is approved by someone.. to retire early means I lose benefits, both
in the corporate sense and in my pension coming to me after
45 years of work....(in which I have enough saved up to buy
a burger, fries and I am still working on the having enough to buy
a drink)

I have no control over my life, politically, economically, or socially....

and recall that suicide is deemed to be illegal, I can't even kill myself
without breaking some law.....

so, the question becomes how do we return control of our lives back to us?
How do we regain control of our lives, politically, socially, economically?
to vote means nothing because the politicians are being paid by
big business to do their bidding, not mine...
my only possibility in life is to either be a worker, a producer
or a consumer... I have no other possibilities available to me to become
something else.. to exists outside of the political or economic just
isn't possible...to do so means I am outside of society/the company,
and to do so means I will die.. I cannot exist separately outside of
the political or the economic...

so what is left?

so we return to the primary question of this age?
How do we return control of our lives, back to us?
Economically, socially, politically?

now one may wonder, what do you mean socially Kropotkin?
if we ban/forbid homosexuality, or trans people, how is that
giving people control over their lives? If we ban abortion,
how is that giving women control over their lives?
If we ban gay marriage, how does that give people control over
their own lives?

every time we ban something based on cultural issues, we remove
another aspect of control away from "the people" and give control
to the government... if we ban contraceptives, then we take
away control the people have over their own lives and give that
control to the government......

and thus the conservative lie about why they want to ban culturally issues,
because they want control over people's lives...
and banning such things as homosexuality and abortion, gives
the government control over our lives...

So, do you want to have your life, what you do or what you believe in to
be controlled by the government? then vote conservative... they will happily
take away your rights...

Now if only I could get the other "members of the collection of truth"
to put me on ignore, life would be good..

Peter Kropotkin
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