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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 1:24 pm
by barbarianhorde
Y'all morons
fallen gorgons
fallen Borgias
no orgies
just worries
its al murky
like tea in Turkey
beat is clunky
but I push through it
aint got nothing to do with this bullshit
I saw you push it, saw you pull it
used to be more gullible for it
now its like a charred forest
wet ashes whisper as were passing
whisper of the last thing that was living
basking in sadness
the old country
no sunset
all guns have long gone empty
went into the night real gently
dependence day
with no night
mass murdered joy like Albright
try to tell your kids its alright
its alright...
Cause theres no sky left to fall
its all gone to hell
it aint your fault, ya goonies
you good natured loonies
never fucked a bunny
always on the run, nose running
sunny sunny
lisping lyrics
bitch kiss me where it matters
as my stuff gathers
touch soft like feathers
past is deader than deader
than the tennis ball grasping madman in Rose Madder
never did send that letter
bat an eye, bat two eyes, better
steady go, steady, run
lets have us a little bit of muddy fun
some dirty earth
race to be born first
space like Elon Musk
be a long time till I rust
lick the juice from the crust
hear it slosh as I thrust
hear them gasp as I trust
like David Lynch and Mark Frost
forego expectations
forego every nation
purely gold and amazing
rocket, seven phases
drop em one by one in the atmosphere
thats how you gotta play this
fuck am I even saying
fuck am I even saying
just fucking, smoking praying
day in day out day in
like back in the day at the Play In
La Piny
get ready
street fighter two, five pennies
nine nine percentage
two tigers at the ready
I saw your legs now spread em
they saw me coming I fed em
I aint the type to Fedex a chopped head
I just make heads bop
feeding pigs like Brick Top
can't escape this hiphop
in the french alley on flipflops

Re: Rap Lyrics depository

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 4:38 pm
by barbarianhorde
I am the boss
I saw it coming and I have the medicine
ready for whatever like im packing leatherman
and Smith & Wesson end the second guessing
second guessing ended,
and here endeth the lesson
I won't keep pressing
its just too depressing
But Ill keep shredding
any fabric of expectance
a man said all is affectance
try to back track the dance
see where it gets ya
if it gets you reelected
if it helps your record go platinum
it it feels fabulous
on your skin as your brain is nebulous
your thoughts are all treacherous
I dont fuck with that shit
you poo-brain
zoo inhabiting ghost of Saddam Hussain
or Barack Hussain
all the same thing
all raping gaping aholes
while I spend a day on the payphone
talking overseas
never mind the fees
till I get the bill, Jesus...
oh well, its peanuts