Free tests on demand in the UK today

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Free tests on demand in the UK today

Postby Sculptor » Fri Apr 09, 2021 10:56 am

Free tests on demand in the UK today

Today you can just go into any Pharmacy or testing centre, and collect up to four free tests for yourself and your family. Or request by post.

It is my view that the government are dumping these tests because they are basically useless, and not fit for purpose.
This is just another aspect of governance by performance or gesture poltitics.

The best these tests can achieve is 58%, and are poor at detecting asymptomatic infections - possible the most important aspect of any test, since that is the condition where people are most likley to spread he infection to others.

I would guess that, having paid for these tests the Tories are trying to use them for the maximum possible political capital.
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