Brief Happiness

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Re: Brief Happiness

Postby Dan~ » Wed Feb 16, 2022 12:12 pm

Parodites wrote:
Lorikeet wrote:

When need/desire falls beneath consciousness - out endurance levels - our lucid self, i.e., ego, experiences a state of contentment.
It is brief because soon needs and the desires they produce begin to rise and are made conscious, disturbing our state of bliss.
Intoxication, or focus - being in the zone - is a way of remaining unaware and so prolonging our contentment.

My contentment is literally infinite then. I never leave the state of bliss. That's why I can write 300 books. Sort of a proof of wisdom, to be able to endure in that state indefinitely. Why don't you pledge yourself to me as a spiritual subservient so I can indoctrinate you in the church of not being a total FGT and you can learn my secrets?

Happiness does not exist via right and wrong.
Happiness is based on chemistry.
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