The only person I’ve had banned from ILP

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The only person I’ve had banned from ILP

Postby Ecmandu » Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:02 pm

There was this whacky numerology / conspiracy / numerology freak that I refuted in one post...

I said “you aren’t using operators in a pattern. So everything you’re saying... is about patterns that aren’t logically consistent”

This weirdo decided to write posts using the quote function to say things I never wrote... repeatedly.

He would say thing like, “Ecmandu says: I totally agree with you, sorry I was wrong”

I never said that.

So I had Carleas look into it... it was plain as day that he was doing this and that he wouldn’t stop.

Fucking weird ass people.

I take pride in never having ignored a poster in 30 years. I WANT to learn!
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