Starting Civilization 2.0

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Starting Civilization 2.0

Postby denniskane » Tue Apr 19, 2022 6:33 pm

I first started posting to ILP in 2005 (way back in the halycon days of the detrop/Dunamis dialectic).

In the video below, I set out a couple of axioms that hopefully will allow us to start the process of rebooting our civil society.

1) Modern techno-industrial civilization has hit its limits to growth and can now expect an extended downward phase until a new socio-political equilibrium has been reached based on a combination of population levels and living standards that can be supported by the constraints of the ecosystem.

2) Our universe can best be represented by something of a "big round guitar". The "strings" will vibrate in the form of 3D oscillators that look like the so-called electron clouds (1s, 2p, 3d, 4f, etc) that can be found in any undergraduate chemistry textbook, and must each conform to a hyperspherical universe. Since these are just waveforms that are piled atop each other, the superaddition principle can be used, and we can then apply a constraint of most perfect radial symmetry onto the composite universal waveform. Different shapes, frequencies and maximum oscillatory amplitudes will correspond to the different classes of elements of the universe: 1) gravity fields (like earth's), 2) chemical elements (like hydrogen), and 3) point-like particles (like electrons).

About me: I've been trying to inspire interesting discussions on college campuses for nearly 20 years. In 2011, I began to get recognition on the UCLA campus when I started holding peace signs (googling "the peace guy" should give you results about me). Then I came back to the city where I had been a college student in the early 90's. The student newspaper has written about me quite a few times, including a couple of major profiles.

In mid-2020, the social media channel "All Gas No Breaks" did a profile on me which has gotten millions of views. Very strangely, however, my face was apparently used to create a 1-second deep-fake video clip (at 1:02) of a wild green-haired person at the 2019 Burning Man festival. A snapshot from this clip is used as the avatar for the youtube video, shown below. In the clip is a frame with the guy holding a peace sign. This video was uploaded nearly a year before the interviewer (Andrew Callaghan) supposedly found out about me by hanging out in my town (Ethan Klein asked Andrew on the h3 podcast point-blank about how he found me). My claim is that he already knew about me due to all my public shenanigans beginning in 2011, and that I am consequently a much bigger deal than simply being a random interviewee would indicate.

I believe that all of the above factors give me the ability to make a rightful claim as regards starting up some kind of movement to reboot our deeply unsustainable mode of human coexistence.
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Re: Starting Civilization 2.0

Postby smhussein289 » Tue Apr 19, 2022 6:51 pm

How do I join? I go to UF and am a huge fan of yours. I genuinely believe you're one of the best minds on campus. I have had quite a few interesting conversations with you in the past.
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Re: Starting Civilization 2.0

Postby Sculptor » Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:36 pm

I've just been reminded of a few phrases I'd not used for a while...

Mad as a brush.

Nutty as a packet of pecans.

Bonkers as a box of frogs..

Not sure which is the most apt, but whatever is best I do not think we are in any danger with any of this advice going towards a re-boot of civilisation.
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Re: Starting Civilization 2.0

Postby denniskane » Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:17 pm

Explaining to my local minions on the ground about this website.

I really want to get a fruitful discussion going on here!
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Re: Starting Civilization 2.0

Postby Destiny » Mon Jun 06, 2022 1:54 pm

I like it but the place youre in seems to perfectly tranquil that its kind of ironic how its all about the end of civilization.

I think the problem is civilization is now stuck at being what it is and is never going to be able to change or disappear.
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