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Welcome to the new and improved Arts, Music and Entertainment Forum, everyone!

The following are the Guidelines for this Forum:

1.) The General Rules for ILP not only apply here, but will supercede any rules for this Forum where the situation applies.

2.) This is a Forum for sharing your own work, or for sharing/discussing the work of others. However, do not represent images, written or other material as your own if it is not your own. While a formal citation of the material is not required, please at least attribute the work to the source responsible.

3.) With Visual Arts, some posts may contain material that others may find objectionable, i.e. nudity. Please indicate in your topic, on in your OP, if this is the case.

4.) Do not post images or video that are illegal in the U.S. or the U.K.. In addition to your post being deleted, you will also be reported to authorities.

5.) Have fun!
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