For the weary in the US

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For the weary in the US

Postby WW_III_ANGRY » Thu Jan 06, 2022 7:05 pm

To really understand this post you’re gonna wanna have a listen to the song above… to feel me, now at least.
Now I get it that this heavy hitting shot from the 90’s isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but motherfucker, it can be… and it’s with good intentions that I share because this not only pumps me up to take on this world of bullshit that we were all born into, helps me fight for Truth and justice in a nation full of lies, stupidity, hate, corruption, greed, envy, and delusion.
This song helps me realize that nobody on this planet is better than me, and I’m here to let you fuckers know nobody on the planet is better than you… except for those that think they are better than you.. well, my that automatically flips the tables on their stupid fucking heads and literally makes them worse… people.
Anyways as the lyrics state “when you walk into this world, walk into to this world with your head held high.”
Now, this machine kills fascists and so does it’s offspring. I’ll be fighting for all you.. the rest… the ones this world really fucked up unjustly, or got trounced on by a perverted society. We got your back…

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Re: For the weary in the US

Postby Urwrongx1000 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 7:08 pm

Why are you so angry?

Your Savior, President Joe Piss Pants Biden, "won". And he represents you and other domestic terrorists perfectly. Oops, he just shit his diapers in public again...

Let's go Brandon!
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