as noted before, we have an ethics/moral problem

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as noted before, we have an ethics/moral problem

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:19 am

as I have noted before, my ethics/morality thread... we, in the 21st
century have no universal/transcendental theory of ethics/morality.....

this state of affairs has lasted since at least since 1900 and perhaps, perhaps
earlier....there being no universal ethical theory has allowed the atrocities of
the 20th century to occur....conservatives have taken to blaming science
and scientist for the loss of ethics/morality.... but they have ignored another
possibility, capitalism... the buying and selling of all things including human beings
has come to fruition in the 20th century... slaves have another name in the modern world....
workers....bought and sold like a piece of fish in the marketplace....a CEO
decides to increase their bonus checks and so to improve the bottom line, which
is their bonus check, they lay off 10,000 people or 12,000 people... doesn't matter
who those people are or what their life story is, the CEO is going to make their
bonus check regardless of who they fuck over.... and that is capitalist ethics/morality....
make your bonus check... that is the ethical standard of business.....
I have seen this time and time again on the much lower level of store
manager... without fail, a new store manager manages to their bonus check...
and that represents capitalism ethics/morality....

the loss of any sort of universal ethical/moral theory comes directly from
the rise of capitalism.... capitalism is still slavery...

you want to prevent the horrors of the 20th century.... from the first World War to
the rise of Hitler to terrible treaties at the end of the First World War to the
Holocaust to the second World War to the endless cold war that lasted for decades...
driven by capitalism...and made possible by the fact that capitalism has made
people expendable... if they don't make a profit, they have no value, no use...

which is why we treat the old so badly... they cannot make any more profits,
so they are useless and expendable... recall during the pandemic, that
the GOP Gov. of Texas suggested that the old people sacrifice themselves to
the betterment of the young easy argument to make if you are
an conservative........

change the existing ism and ideology of human beings to people having value
regardless if they make profit or not.....change the existing ism of America to
put people first, not profits and we are at the beginning, the beginning of
a new creation of an universal ethical moral theory.... one that says, everyone
has value, not just the wealthy.....

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