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Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:54 am
by Meno_
Trump=Trumpism is a philosophical equivalent both of God , and Popeye the sailor. : In as much they both proclaim - 'I am who I am'! In an article a disillusioned writer, whose article I was tempted to add here- which I still may, made me realize the simplicity of the reinvention of failed deontology, by virtue of the simple logical truism: that such logical inconsistency is really a very simple affair:

The bipolar ideology, of Capitalistic Democracy and Soviet Communism has by sheer gravity, landed the so metal contract between men and the state absolutely without ground.

As a consequence, the Dasein of Heidegger has come back to haunt with the primal question: what in the earth subsist in the mind of intention thatcould have regressed our selfvaluing to this abysmal cynicism and duplicity, that ingratiate us via our mirror neural misrepresentations, as to render them unassailable?

The answer is simple as well: decency and honesty has been bought, sold out by terror flooding our social ego.

And within that fear subsist the terror of losing, looking everything we hold dear.

We'd rather loose our reason, then to loose that within which our minds subsist: our possessions and escalating albeit diminishing returns of such said possessions.

The more I think about it, the more parallels can be found between the fall of Rome, and our very apparent and imminent fall.

The danger is, that the whole world lives in some kind hush, an expectation, a sign, for a gift, which will come to be, because they foreshadow it with their will.

Left wing billionaire Tom Steger said at a conference that we may need a nuclear war to set Trump straight, which he later corrected.

But really, if there was a nuclear argemodden , the elite with equipped shelters for maybe years of survival, may count on like minded fellows, to share the remaining spoils, even at the cost of a dramatic tetrogtessioninto pre modernism, and settle again in a 'normal' retroactive life of pursuance of the finer things in life.

Hundreds of millions were lost in past wars to pursue the ideal life, and only those raised in their appreciative wake, could really keep teal civilization going forward, therefore the statistics can bear out a real qualitative overcoming

Oh my, Justice Kennedy's son , working for Deutsche Bank, borrowed Trump 1 billion hey there!

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:36 pm
by Meno_
Trump has nstinct for survival , unwittingly denying everything but the application of absolute belief in its opposite :power, -(instilling its contradictory nature:)survival by instinct.

There. Is no denying that he operates on the very basic level of contradiction., signaling no intention of reconstructive plans, only bottom wring belief in fortification through isolating any non effective outside sources of influence.

Maybe an economic necessity drove him to this conclusion. The problems with this is manifold , but. it remains to be seen if the rhetoric does not eclipse the outcome , with precedent in the ideas was instituted prior to WW1. A Finlandia copy may work. and it has been suggested that a subordination to Russia may be underneath this posture.

Here is another contradiction: Some or most people in the United States believe that the EU and China are ripping this country off in trade and intellectual property ripoff, what they do not see is why a rich man should worry about what happens to the lower 98%, where the upper crust has 3 people who own 50 % of all U.S. equity. Why should this people worry, except that the open trade one world policy would assure a secure continuity of their life as they expect it to continue?

This contradiction is so obvious as to cover a basic fallacy of the opposite being the fact.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:02 pm
by Meno_
Now the acid test . Is it ingenious to begin a trade war with China and.Europe ,where notable economosts have proclaimed it foreseeable failure?

Europe can ocxupy previpusly US held markets inclusing those of China ,while strengthenimg.their economic and politocal ties ,while weakening am isolated US? Or, reversely ?
This is.tje acid test , of which outcome will determine the sought after goal perhaps decades to come . History will be the ultimate judge .

There are possible limiting factors looming in the background with coming conflict with the war now with Corporate America.
GM and Harley Davidson are outsourcing some production overseas, to dampen their perceived damage do to their production and sales on account of the trade war. US Nail sees itself shutting down because of the tarriff on imported steel.

The administration has poo-pood the corporate revolts as indications of corporate greed over concern for the American worker. However this hypothesis is yet to be tested out.

Money rules? Marx revisited

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:37 pm
by Meno_
Marx has had quite a long track record by now, of showing at least partial dependence on an anticonsequentialiam , whereupon the failure of the measure of how the historical progression of limits may be exposed for what values are determinate in the near and far future.

Does this imply the failure of market orientation toward reasonable approximations within bracketed or limited evaluations of capital distribution?

Limits are nothing new, and the topology overall , psychological-Levin at. al.: Cantor -set theory, Jimmy Carter-politics, all expause concern with it.

At this juncture of a.desired turnnback into the duplicious and currently untested quasi limitless marketplace, does a politically and socially yet to be defined return to such, correspond to the probably evolving tapestry of a one world order?

Some say that such ignominious and untested theory combining a retro proven hierarchy of broad yet antiquated lines of demarked progressive accumulation with the impending limits , are beginning to show a strain which has been adequately described with the Dutch tulip craze , at a time when people believed almost sacramoniously in the magical foundation. of value.

Notables speaking of the certain demise of the crypto market, its unsoundness tipyfied as nothing but another fraudulent way of placing value on nothing but hope of giant gains on merely on magical beliefs of unending trust of increase.

A Ponzi scheme , unlike the international use of currency, which again is devoid of nothing but the guarantee on national economy, a guarantee that governments are a rush to give credence to. The few institutions that have given underlying support are limited in size as well as number.

This newest scheme is maybe representative of the need to figure value into risk above and beyond the staid returns in the conventional markets.

The bet that bitcoin will earn legitimacy or not , does not go well with its dramatic valuations so far. The run up has been preconfigured by statistical , computerized analysis of psychological demand and supply curves( that is why only a limited number have been minted-since such an ongoing computerized study is near impossible to manage, in a limitless matrix.

So how it was prefigured, goes hand in hand with how it is managed.

Such isn't he sign of.unlimited optimism that launched the scope and size of the conditions under which 'pure capital' can be expanded and sustained.

Is limitless as a concept sustainable in this sense , or its expanded applications?

Why is it that older people are unable to live on current rates of interest? Well, because the interest is held low, so as to not result in a run away inflation that would entail principal to be eaten away by too many 0's : a situation reminiscent of a post war Germany, where people were losing strength to carry their suitcases full of near worthless paper.

The war on poverty is just as.much of a war, where instead of bullets. People die on streets of oblivion and dire suffering

The U.S. ambassador recently objected to a EU paper detailing poetry in America, supposedly the richest nation on earth, as inconsequential and ill founded.

Are limits , currently being instituted on a variety of social programs show the other side of the limitless value of the ultimate Democracy in the world?

So it depends on what side of the set limits the line is drawn, as difficult it is not to devolve into the language of contradiction.

The physics of gravitational pull of so called Democratic Institutions are too strong a pull, if all is considered.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:43 pm
by Meno_
A glowing report by a conservative fiscal analyst has placed Trump and Trumpism in a glowing light of ' changing America in a new era,
changing the face of Amrica, with withdrawing from worn out allowances , from demanding more con tributions from NATO, of demanding more equalization in trade, and generally forging ahead with replacing this country into the appropriate role of leader of the free world.

Employment is up, market equity is up, and his popularity is soaring elsewhere than among his very close knit and loyal constituency.

Just today out of a fiscal conservative think tank.

Mr Pragmatism

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:03 am
by Meno_
More and more I interpret Trump the pragmatist, in like a Kantian, intend a Utalitarian, but finally out like a pragmatist , possibly an independent .met a man at the health club I go to, brief talk in steam room: He says, I hate the man , he is a scumbag, but I like his policies.

July 4th

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:36 pm
by Meno_
Today to remember those whos'e mind eclipsed those who back then formed our opinions well not ours but our forefathers. Original thang 1776 , ..mmm
Lest they forget and become weak again.mmmm

But if they do it's ok. (I guess!)

And now he cozies with put on, while deriding allies! What folly this be say detractors no left and right both. : wherein goes political reality, or do we need what awaits us, or, is despotism contingent on blind faith strung up on loss of jobs so dear?

Will the answer ever arrive?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:45 pm
by Meno_
Well, its starting to trickle down with Kavanaugh as a possible nomination to the Supreme Court, with opinions :such as Trump is rebalancing policy.
Balance, or bias?

Thinkdr , what of this open demonstration of the relation between unification and balance? Does it make any sense? (If You happen to come across this)

Further thoughts on political process: Counter balance.

This just out: The Department of Justice never intends to finalize the collusion charge because as long as it can draw it out, it can it be exposed to counter charges to improprieties by Mr Rosenstein et al.

So this will probably go down the same way as the inconclusive investigation of the Warren. Commission in the case of the Kennedy assassination, where the results are still hotly debated as to what cover-up of any was written into the report .

The plausibility of this going on is very real.

Some imply that tjisnwas pre-planned to obfuscate certain lack or propriety in policy, in order to pull off this re-balancing act. If so, its quite brilliant.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:45 pm
by Meno_
And now it has come to this: Conservatives on Capital Hill have decided to impeach Deputy Attorney. General Rosenstein, and some fear this move is the beginning to try to dislodge Special Counsel Mueller from his job.

A year ago, this would have brought outcries, yet reactions seem more muted now.

The saga continues.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:18 am
by Meno_
Some pundits declaring President Trump of collusion, can mitigate their reasoning to the benefit of a centrist-independent, allow to the view that Trump may be.guilty even of treason - (since he knew or nedded to know how his partie's activities that may infer he was complicit in a cyberwarfare still ongoing), by pointing to the theory of mutual destruction as not a contingencie, but a factual necessity.

In fact that really is the basis of with the devil: an ontological certainty versus an optical probability.

Always suspects this result as early as the 1980's appraising a stage of the world as devoid of an ideology.

Now its certain that computerized outcomes point to a lot less certainty in a society having more not less ideology in a new world order in a cybertechnically conflictable scenario.

Trump - Putin Summit

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:45 pm
by Meno_
The Helsinki Summit provided plenty of ammunition for admirerers and critiques of this administration , and immediately a declaration by Trump, that it is America , no Russia that created the ill will between the two nation- inferring the Russian meddling .

How strange this. that a strange Brave New World has arisen under our very eyes, where the last bastion of civilization has been displaced: of Truth!

Hickory Clinton asks before the summit on a Friday tweet (of Trump), whose side are You rooting for?

Rosenstein knows how this presidency will end, wish we knew!

If it unravels, how would all the broken treaties and trust be re-formed to what they originally were?
My gut level tells me Trump will wag a dog, before giving up, unlike Nixon.

Bit all of this is only a gut level opinion based presumption , as of yet.

All comments regarding what has passed at the summit were very critical, and a past FBI director called it an act of High Treason.

Meanwhile nothing from Capital Hill, over remarks made that Putin was to be believed, and U.S. intelligence not, in the matter of Russian cyber attacks on this nation, in their preference over Clinton.

The very Deep State that is often referred to is not in the liberal camp, or. so it seems.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:24 pm
by WendyDarling
The very Deep State that is often referred to is not in the liberal camp, or. so it seems.

The deep state runs in both camps and both camps want a war with Russia over oil and other resources, well that's the more public narrative, but really it's over the global agenda of a one world government. Why do you think that they (Dems, Repub, DOJ, the security agencies, and the deep state run media) are all working in unison here and with the EU abroad to force the Russia issue when they have no proof of jack squat? It's called the global agenda which Putin stands in defiance against just like Trump, both leaders wishing to keep their countries sovereign, so the globalists are trying to tear down both leaders who are screwing up their implementation timeline. The one world ID will be implemented the world over by 2030 and will be required in the USA by 2020. Then through facial recognition, they can monitor all the peoples the world over.

Guccifer 2.0 is some lone Slav with no Kremlin ties, but our government is going to try and prosecute him as a Russian operative? It's laughable.
Then there is some supposed Russian hacking team that the Swede's or the Swiss were investigating that we weren't even aware of, so our supposed proof comes from their intelligence offices and not our own. Funny stuff that can't be corroborated with anything but fanciful lies made by other foreign governments to "help us." LOL! What other proof is there? Some Russian businesses made inflammatory election ads? What is there to believe? The Dems got caught with their pants down. The US cyber security teams failed to do their jobs effectively so some low tech Euro nerd was able to phish for information and hit paydirt with 30,000 DNC emails thanks to John Podesta being a dumdum. None of that is Russian hacking of the 2016 election. Check out the indictments and report back if there is something else being offered by Mueller. You are buying globalist bullshit lock, stock, and barrel, Meno.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:47 am
by Meno_
Another shady character Julian Assange could also furnish some nice things and he flip flops on Congressional testifying because he is afraid his bull will come out. .

No one knows about certainty, what goes : the NWO, isolationist , collisionists, perhaps the covers need covers, the FBI is crooked, the CIA is crooked , the DOJ is crooked, and everybody being under the microscope does nothing .

There are agendas going on, and if Democratic principles have gone by the wayside, then everybody knows that elections are fixed.

However, the future will tell whether revisions are useful, in order to unify, a way of governance , where public information whether the media are an open book, or not.

Despite die hard objections' reactive agenda, the proof will always be in the pudding. My opinion is, that Capitalism as a mode of economic life, either sinks or surfaces by what will ultimately take place on this very limited canvas of political life, and since the above discussed. It may turn out to be a very brief epoch, like the one bespoke for the McCarthy Era, or a brief national hiatus that goes back to ways ofn preventing dramatic recessionary meltdowns , at least the following few years will be interesting in that respect.

Wendy, the Peace in Our Time , a fabrication by Chamberlain post WW 1, worked like a fine anesthetic, widely accepted, to create Nazis out of respectable people like the abdicated King and his American wife. In no way do I believe he abdicated because of the Woman that I Loved speech. Never.

Something huge is brewing and the first real important fissure in the GOP can be heard by Sen. Goudy, an important oversight committee chairman, who declared his opposition to the impeachment of DOJ Rosenstein.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:55 am
by WendyDarling
if Democratic principles have gone by the wayside

Curious, what are Democratic principles in this day and age?

Julian Assange cannot leave the embassy he is in else he be arrested or killed for some bogus rape charge that lacked prosecutorial evidence among other espionage charges. He hasn't flip flopped on anything, where'd you get that idea? He can never testify before our congress or any other congress without immunity for the bum charges brought against him by several EU countries.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:05 am
by Meno_
WendyDarling wrote:
if Democratic principles have gone by the wayside

Curious, what are Democratic principles in this day and age?

Julian Assange cannot leave the embassy he is in else he be arrested or killed for some bogus rape charge that lacked prosecutorial evidence among other espionage charges. He hasn't flip flopped on anything, where'd you get that idea? He can never testify before our congress or any other congress without immunity for the bum charges brought against him by several EU countries.

His lawyers wanted him immunity, he didn't get it. How can a man envision being practically jailed in am embassy
He would have been better off not asking for immunity, testify them be jailed here. At least he would have showed guts and become am instant hero here. This way there are presumptions of all sort surrounding his posture.

In my opinion , wrong choice

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:32 am
by WendyDarling
Our congress conspires with the EU, he'd be killed in jail no matter where he was jailed. His freedom is his greatest asset in the hacking community for as long as he's still open for business, he lives another day. He's already a hero, what are you talking about? His staying alive to continue the good fight is the right choice, as long as he lives Wikileaks lives and more objectionable materials perpetrated by various governments can come to light.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:59 pm
by Meno_
Heroes go down in a blaze of glory. That is a pretty well ingrained stereotype. They do not hide from prosecution, and it is very doubtful that a high profile profileperson would risk any home grown assassination. attempt, because it would be the worse kind of publicity, giving rise to the idea that the U.S. profilgates in its own debauchery. It would devastating to this country.

In addition , a man as supposedly intelligent as he is able to extract sensitive intelligence intelligence, must have known what he is dealing with.

However, You may be right on the money, if, he was indispensable to wiki. I would think by now , wiki would still go on, and I'm sure although he is boked up in the embassy, he's had plenty of time to share most everything with some Quatamalian compatriot. He is sure to have found some sympathetic ears,if not why would they have given him political asylum in the first place.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:03 pm
by Meno_
No partisan politics will never , ever be the same.

The total split in political life between the parties has been completely achieved, and the system cries out for a third party. The conservatives have become a silent minority.

The apparent evil genius of Trump may achieve just that, and he may run as an independent next time around on his own ticket, if he succeeds, if not, he'll be bludgeoned by history.

At last press time, Trump is enraged by home criticism of his NATO Summit and his meeting with Putin. He will hold an impromptu press conference to try to soothe the nerves of his staunchest supporters.

Will report on this interesting event as soon as it happens today.

Protesters outside WH yelling cheat and traitor as Trump returns from Helsinki. Looks very bad right now for 45.

His press conference was an expected retrenchment consisting of a declaration that he has a great deal of confidence in relying on US intelligence.

That he did not accost Putin but put on a kind of accommodating tone, he ascribes to his long held promise to have peace in our time , not war.

Sounds reasonable , bi2t familiar, as with Chamberlain prior to WW 2.

The conflation continues, a step back from a pragmatic outlook into the sensible ideological sandwich.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:14 am
by Meno_
Nunez, accuses FBI and DOJ of creating a climate of persuasion re: the Trump - Putin 'summit' in order to help the Democrats won I. November.

While Coates, issues a statement commending them of unbiased and trustworthy service.

Pants down: while visiting Scotland , he stayed one of the most expensive hotels(he owns) and paid for it with government governments money. His son Eric, was pit up in the priciest room going for 10,000 dollars a night.
One wonders along with a lot of other people , what Put On may have on him
This is a liberal man by a slanted media , or something vastly more?

New item: A bill was defeated by Congress which would fund states to enable to fight cyber attacks . The Congress rubberstamped a denial of U.S. intelligence finding of attacks by Russia, thus affirming Russia's superior intelligence over that of U.S..

Note: George Will, the notable Conservative came out to state that there is indefinite collusion between Trump and Putin, hence the restricted conversation. In Helsinki between the two leaders . with only an interpreter present, indications of the need to question said translator.

Endgame is within sight? Now Trump wants another meeting with Putin, defiant against media. In a way he is to be pitied for his short sightedness.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:51 am
by Meno_
Deep down who are we as a people, a nation, a citizen , but who are we?

It is this sense of who we are, of what we are composed of: which is coming up from our hole, the hole we ha e put ourselves into, the product that we have become, and now beginning to realize we are not our own production, nor an exclusive product, and certainly not our own producer.

Very expansively, we have come to realize that sans god, we have no recourse as human beings with foreknowledge of our machine like future , our hybrid techno insides waiting for another industrial industrial revolution to turn humanity into machines as that French philosopher came to realize.

Freud was right , the ideal can never be realized by semen tic ejaculation s
robot like they are destroyed , and the basis of young growths can not more upkeep the older wisdom, for they are breaking away. Traditions follow the death of gods, and the fastest gear outside the axle is the one requires the least power. The will is the closest to the shaft, have become as illusive, moving slowly tangentially, hardly noticeable but the one outside that circle, not seen , the fast whirling can't shift it down enough to see individual
slices .

What is seen are shadows, afterburners, ghosts in the machine , and after the fact events . There is never there, and certainly not here. the elementary particles held in suspense, defined by effects post observed.

We are the receivers of the sum of all heredity.

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:17 pm
by Meno_
And now the invitation of Putin by Trump to visit the U.S., a preference for Put on against Coates, intelligence chief: presents the idea of down valuing home intelligence to the adversary of whom it is suspected the collusion was made in the first place.

In his words, 'they prefer war to diplomacy' an incredible intensification , but what if......?

Political plays<reality sandwich>increasing political parano

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:56 pm
by Meno_
Linear thinking : the primal decompressing into. an illusive neo-kantism from the failure of pragmatism in a world of useless facts, presents a subjugation of the will. Into the sphere of contrived fantasy.

The cold war, emerging with China, on basis of the charge of the theft of intellectual property has acquired a very credible battle cry into the mantra of making America Great Again, but what is this effort but stealing into the heart of man the desperate effort to quick return of the neo-Kantian short cut from the failures of a regional pragmatism? The snake charmer who likes to identify those appealing notions that deny the powers of the social will in deference over the fate of that of the individual?

Empires are not meant to last for a thousand years, and what determines China as unable to take the imperial role? Sheer numbers defeat any notion that those with the largest market place have the greatest potsntial.

Open societies are vulnerable to theft, and only a unified world can afford it whatever think tank can arrive to the conclusion that jealously guarded tech can be held at bay from outside sources of acquisition are fooling themselves.

This is a battle cry into the naive populations of those, who would like to think that all is fair as long as the war is predicated on the presumptive superiority of man over man on basis of shared vested power among individual members of empire.

But here the myth dilutes into the microcosmic fallacy of pointillistic abstraction, whete the laws of the power on the effects of the will , separate the haves from the not haves
Into a society where material ownership will exhibit more authoritarian. then democratically vested beneficiaries to such distribution.

The cold war will eventually grow warm then hot, and brother will kill brother on basis of clever sophistry.

Then what of this fear benefit any and every man that China will surpass the U.S. imperial role? It is almost an enigma that only old world rhetoric can reignite.

New: Julian Assange is the topic of discussion between Britain and. Equadorian President Lenin about the particulars of the release of Assange from its consulate, whereupon Britain's secret service and, transfer to US custody, where he may be facing years of jail time.

The events are surging toward an increasing need toward clarification in an atmosphere of a philosophical inquiry toward increasing transparency as a form of public disclosure.

That process or procedure is failing fast as can be exhibited by the apoearent tumult created by the manufacture of increasing anger, which, created by the surge of the return to archytipical - categorically illusive sandwich, of an embattled-sandwhich, whete the 'Art of The Deal' is beginning to give the appearance of an 'existential contraption'.

This having actually failed as of historical record, foreclosed on a return, bypassing the structural return, proving that the whole Putin invitation is nothing but a gesture, to shadow the underlying and almost ominous intent of that invitation being nothing but an artsy, but admirable attempt (at a time coinciding with the Congressional election, -to vest the antithesis to the liberal thesis of political infliltration by Russia, as nothing but a ruse.

This escalation of repressive dialectical returns, the parts of which literally were born immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union, the absence of a viable equivalent in the West, brought about the lack of a like united policy in an increasing vacuum in the West, as dialectically opposing the newly created patterns of existential contraption.

However, the executive branch, increasingly coming under scrutiny, squeezed potentially by a changing vestments of political power between the representative and the judiciary, seeks to create a dramatically opposite to the a priori-diminished actual image of execution to the increasingly paranoid-threatened need to prove its worth- by constant and repeated denials. at the expense of compromising reality.

The politically diminished worth of the presidency, squeezed as it is- will compensate with the only arsenal at its disposal, to all eyes , the anger becoming visibly more so, surging the internal decompression of its real legAl-political anger at the very system which mistakenly allowed mistakes to bind its system of directing political justice.and will.

As a consequence danger is arising that such ignominious loophole may turn the anger, into a real exhibition of madness.This is a sorry possibility, with things becoming potentially unhinged.

Both participants could at that point but externalize in a cover-up of a grand scale to imperialuze this huge fault, into an obvious need to underexposed the emergence of a tired, worn out system of a so called system of Democratic govednan e which outlived its usefullness as a pragmatic solution.

The anger comes from both right and left in this regard, at not realizing that the old categorical confrontations of the Neo Kantian way out, are no longer present a picture of a successful compromise.
The internalization of that hidden possibility shows a weakened , compromised executive who can only function at that point in drastic way for IT,s survival, in absolute terms of artful dealing, literally selling IT's product an embodied and sold with its own means of production as an absolutely must sell. The appearance of that necessity will come down as a grotedqur6 sale, almost taking on the appearance of a godfather, proclaiming that its an offer buyer beware , can not refuse.

To be edited

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:09 pm
by Meno_
Sorry for technical problems that at the moment prevent me from editing the last page . I beg everyone who may readers pardon for , that is unavoidable since I am an early riser who writes in rough draft upon waking, as it happened this morning.

On another front, in ref. to my conversation with a fiscal conservative about the 5 trillion added to the national debt, (up to now $1 trillion) ; it seems odd for conservatives generally to accept these accounts , albeit contested positions, to sustain a conservative claim.

Re: Total Eclipse?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:08 pm
by Meno_
New revelation puts a new spin on the Russian collusion. James Clapper , has been indicated to have said that Obama and Clinton started the FBI investigation to derail the Trump bid , vis a vis the Fisa application recently clearing Nunes of fabrication.

May this be the end of the story, or are any other subterfuges upcoming before before the biannual elections coming up?

If so, Trump will be vindicated, and he will be successful in erasing any shadow of doubt regarding his legitimate claims . Or? the machine of the investigation still whirr away by now an institutionalized inquiry.

The beat goes on.

Oh what tangled web we weave
When we first practice to deceive!

Now this: There are efforts to impeach Deputy Deputy Department of Justice Rosentein in an effort to get to the Mueller investigation , but Senator Gowdy and others are against it, so it is becoming mainly a symbolic effort. So the pros and cons are not merely based along party axis, proof positive that the issue is creating conflict intra party.

Sessions is toying with the idea of the. 'Lock her up' innuendo as well, referring to Ms. Clinton.

There goes any serious resolution one way or another , at this late date.

A tweet soon after by 45-that he is afraid that the Ruskies will collude with Dems to defeat Trump, cause they know how tough he is on their spying on U.S.

Ryan turns around sayin' that Putin is not invited by to address joint houses of Congress, irrespective of Trump invite. Really?

Re: Trump enters the stage

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:49 pm
by Meno_
Things turned again:

EU President and Mr. Trump have agreed to discussions and agreements to avert trade war.

On another front, Trump has postponed Put On visit to at least after the witchunt, and the no-annual elections. Again a twist, probably due to political pressure.