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Convo With Jesus

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 3:27 pm
by Fixed Cross
FC - Hey Jesus, thanks for talking to me man, appreciated. A lot.

JC - Speak your mind. Or just sit with me in the Sun.

FC - Lets do that, then.

* both sit in the Sun *

* hours pass *

* Sun sets *

JC - Now lets talk. What was on your mind?

FC - Oh so much - now that youre here to talk to me directly about Christianity, can I ask what you make if it, of the religion?

JC - Humans try their best. But they dont dare to do what I say. I never said "go sit on wooden benches and bow your heads." I said "fight with the might of your spirit". Humans, except for Marines and other kinds of special soldiers, dont have that in them it seems. So I prefer, of all humans the US Marines and Russian Special Forces, along with other brave sects you probably never heard of.

* FC thinks for a while, as he is in agreement and searches for something else to ask *

JC - Meantime, can I ask you something?

FC - Sure!

JC - What is up with you and your friends? why arent you fighting together anymore?

FC - I dont know man. I ... they... it seems I lost meaning to them. Ive kept fighting though.

JC - Hm.

FC - Yeah that's how I feel. Hm. What else is there to say?

JC - Thats a bit disappointing I must say.

FC - Well that's how I feel, what else do you want me to say?

JC - Are you being fully honest?

FC - I think so. To the best of my abilities.

JC - That's too bad then, you made a pretty good team.

FC - I know.

* Both are silent again *

* Night falls, it gets chilly"

* Jesus gets up. Fistbumps FC.

JC - I got places to be dude, keep fighting the good fight.

FC - You too man. I appreciate you taking the time.

JC - Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

FC - Help with what?

* Jesus smiles *

* FC, smiling too, gets up and walks toward the forest. Then turns: *

FC - Say hi to your mom for me.

* Jesus laughs out loud *

JC - Fuck you you dirty bastard.

* Both laugh and go their ways *