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Philosophy Forum Rules

Postby Only_Humean » Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:30 am

The Philosophy board has some local rules in addition to the ILP Forum Rules.

1. Posting Content
1.1The first post in a new thread on Philosophy should contain some form of philosophical thesis for discussion. Mods may suggest moving a post that looks to be more suited to another forum.
1.2 Straight questions looking for straight answers, especially those that appear to be requests for help with homework, will be moved to the Sandbox at the moderators' discretion. Rewording as a statement and writing "Discuss" will probably not help.
1.3 New posts advertising a blog, directing the reader to a book or a video and then asking for discussion, urging people to take online polls outside ILP, etc... will be moved to Mundane Babble. If the subject is worth discussion, write a precis in the body of the post and provide a link at the end.
1.4 Posts containing offensive, inflammatory, or illegal material may be moved to the Rant House, Quarantine, or deleted, at the moderators' discretion. This will probably result in a warning.
1.5 Posts should remain broadly relevant to the thread subject. Intentional derailing of a discussion may result in a warning.
1.6 Commercial spam will be removed and the poster banned permanently.

2. Posting Style
2.1 Show courtesy to other posters at all times: no flaming. Insulting, aggressive or demeaning behaviour towards others will result in a warning.
2.2 Arguments should be made in good faith: no trolling. If a moderator sees a poster presenting an argument and dismissing any counterpoints without engaging them, or suspects someone of presenting arguments purely for the sake of inflaming debate or annoying other posters, a warning may be issued.
2.3 No flooding the board with dozens of new threads in a short time. Excessive threads may be moved to Quarantine or deleted at the moderators' discretion.
2.4 Posts may be edited up to 48 hours after submission: after this time they are locked. "Deleting" a post by editing all(or a significant amount) of the text out is disruptive, especially if the thread has grown in the meantime, and is a warnable offence. Multiple offences may mean multiple warnings.

3. Moderation
3.1 Generally, although not always, a moderator will give an unofficial caution in-thread or by PM, before giving an official board warning. These may be addressed to an individual or to several participants.
3.2 After the first official warning, subsequent offences will lead to temporary bans. See the ILP Forum Rules.
3.3 Banned posters are banned. This means that other sockpuppet accounts active on the board will also be banned until the original poster's ban runs out. Posting on behalf of a banned poster will get you banned.
3.4 In extreme cases, the moderators as a group may make the decision to permanently ban a member from posting.
3.5 If you wish to protest a moderator's handling of an issue, feel free to contact another moderator or make a post on the Help and Suggestions board. Similarly, if you have any questions or suggestions about the rules, feel free to PM the board mod or use the H&S board.

The rules were last updated June 10, 2011.

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