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Science, Tech, and Math Rules

Postby Flannel Jesus » Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:25 am

If there's a rule that you'd like to see added, removed or changed, post in this suggestion thread.

If the main thesis of your OP is a statement of fact about some science or math-related topic, there must be some attempt at justification.

eg the post "Evolution is bullshit" would be deleted as an OP.
But the post, "Evolution is bullshit, and here's why I think that" followed by some attempt at a justification, wouldn't be deleted.

Pictures must directly pertain to the conversation.

eg a post about chemical bonds with a random picture of Beavis and Butthead is not permitted, but the same post with an illustrative image of how chemical bonds function is.

Insults of any sort are liable to warrant a warning or a short ban, depending on degree.

If someone is wrong, that doesn't give you leave to call them an 'idiot'. If someone misunderstood something you said, that doesn't give you leave to say 'You have reading comprehension problems'. I've said this to people before, and it was a disrespectful and inappropriate response.

If you use the quote feature on the website, you are expected to use it in good faith.

You are expected to either keep the quoted section verbatim, or paraphrase in a way that accurately represents the other person's viewpoint. If Melody posts, "I don't think your idea is very good," and you use the quote feature but make it look as though Melody posted, "I'm an idiot with no sense of dignity," you may receive a warning for that. Continued offences will result in escalated action.

Be civil or be elsewhere.
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