Preformance, mirrors and vampires

The origins of the imperative, "know thyself", are lost in the sands of time, but the age-old examination of human consciousness continues here.

Preformance, mirrors and vampires

Postby Meno_ » Thu Feb 03, 2022 6:59 pm

Can not remember it.
Somehow reaction related to lack of foresight.
Lack of foresight reverts to simulation and simulation correlates with glancing into mirrors.
Stage fright is a sorcerer's eternal delight that fragments the whole into it's parts.

Vampires sleep through that, not of fear, but of a redacted exposure which may reveal their enlightened state that most will fear like the reaper.

The reaction is consequential to lack of foresight which results in simulated equanimity. Vampires can see through mirrors which do not need light to enlightenment.

The dark night of the Soul releases the vampiristic course.
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