I find it interesting that....

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I find it interesting that....

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Sun May 08, 2022 7:07 pm

That conservatives, indeed a whole lot of people don't have
a sense of history.... there is not a sense of past, present or
future in most people... look at the stuff that conservatives
hate, among other things, but science, history, philosophy
evolution, cosmology, and what do these things have in
common? a sense of history, a sense of past, present and future...

the conservative ignores history and focuses on one thing
isolated from the past, present or future...an example of
this is in Magnus post where he says:

1) unborn babies are innocent
2) unborn babies don't want to die/ be aborted...

now beside the fact that neither is true, we are left without
any historical sense... that babies are not born in isolation,
they are not born without any context... exempted from
or isolated from an environment.... which is clearly not true...
babies are born within a specific and certain context,
of family, of state, of religion, of culture, of a civilization....

and if the radical right have their way and deny abortion to
the poor and minorities (their anti-abortion argument has a
clear and distinct racial bias against blacks and minorities)
the radical right is following the right wing class attack against
the poor and minorities... those who are argue against abortion
are simple attacking the poor and minorities because the
middle class and the upper class can still get abortions even
if Roe V Wade is abolished.. white middle class America will
still be able to get abortions... it will be called a "procedure"...

this is one of the points of anti-abortions.. it is a clear
and obvious attack on the minorities of America...
it is a racist attempt to force minorities to live by a set
of rules they have no say in..... to force people to live
by rules they have no say in is a dictatorship...
it isn't democratic.. for in a democracy, we have a say
in the rules of society and anti-abortion fanatics
don't want the poor or minorities to have any say in their lives...

which is why anti-abortions fanatics remove history
from their discourse... they isolated one fact, the fetus,
and ignore all other aspects of forcing that fetus to be born
into a world where they will suffer... as minorities and the poor
are forced to suffer from a systemic attack on them by ....
the same people who are forcing them to have babies against
the mother will... shouldn't women have a say in what
happens to their bodies? not according to the radical rightwing...
women's bodies belong to the state,, if they are force by the state
to have babies they don't want.... where is their freedom to
act if women are forced to have babies? the radical right
doesn't care about that and won't mention the women's
right to her own body... if the state dictated that all men
over 35 must have vasectomy, (and this is no different then
forcing women to give birth regardless of their beliefs)
the rightwing would have a massive reaction about how
their bodies are their bodies.. my body, my right they would say,
but how come this motto, my body, my right, no longer exists
for women?

this is one of the many problems that the radical rightwing
simply avoid by focusing on one small issue, the Innocent fetus,
and misses the entire environment that a fetus is born into...

everything is about context and the radical right wing
avoid context like the plague because context ends most
rightwing arguments...

so, when reading an argument for or against something,
spot the context or the history of the argument...
if the argument avoids context, "babies are innocent"
under what context is that true?
then the argument is bogus and an attempt to deceive you..
and that is point of the contextless argument...
to fool you...

Now if only I could get the other "members of the collection of truth"
to put me on ignore, life would be good..

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