why the separation between religion and state

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why the separation between religion and state

Postby Peter Kropotkin » Sat May 21, 2022 9:08 pm

I don't know how widely this recent report was released,
but the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco says because
of House speaker Pelosi stand on abortion, she cannot
receive communion..

this is a rather blatant attempt to influence
her via a religious blackmail.... if she were to
change her position and go against abortion,
she would suddenly be allowed to receive communion...

Now this is blackmail, make no mistake about it...your eternal
soul depends on obeying the rules of the church, and disobeying
political considerations...

now, my wife who was raised catholic believes that this sort
of religious blackmail is wrong.. and until she explained it,
I actually had no idea what communion was...

but we are still left with the primary question,
which is this, is this sort of religious blackmail
ok, or is it completely unacceptable?

and this religious blackmail makes quite clear why
we must have a clear separation of church and state....
to avoid this type of religious blackmail..

so, who you got? the church for its attempt to blackmail
Pelosi or do you stand with the founding fathers and
rule out anything outside of complete separation between
religions and the state?

Now if only I could get the other "members of the collection of truth"
to put me on ignore, life would be good..

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